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October 11th, 2016

Isabel Lucas is still young and hot and almost everything a man could ever want in a partner but she ain’t gonna settle down anytime soon. Yes, sorry she’s not sorry. The simple reason for this is because Lucas admitted in a private interview that she enjoys being a slutty tease who likes seeing men jack off to her while she’s being a dirty bitch on cam. Giving us a front row entertainment in this leaked masturbation clip, Lucas is clearly being a damn tease as she toys with her cunt in a gym while naked!

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May 30th, 2016

Before the dashing Isabel Lucas has stepped foot in her vegetarian world, she craved and pigged on all sorts of meat there is, even exotic ones which will only make most people puke if they found out she devours them live. Yes, Lucas was this hardcore chick fit for TV reality shows like Fear Factor for feeding herself with meat that sometimes still try to crawl their way out of her mouth while she chews. But after being exposed with vegetarian co-stars who shed some light on how barbaric she was for going gaga over her meals that way, she got converted into one of them and started living a healthy lifestyle. But, don’t get her wrong, apart from the new things she learned about life and how to keep living while making the rest of other living species live and not get eaten, she hasn’t gave up on one particular meat that’s been her staple diet for the longest time. Do you really think that a chick as hot and feisty as Lucas can go on a week without having her meat fix? Well, this leaked video will unveil that she’s still the same wild babe who eats her snacks with much gusto that she ends up all sloppy looking yet super satisfied.

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But it ain’t what you think because we’re talking about these throbbing huge meat of her sexy lover. She’d flash her yummy juicy breasts until she gets him hard and started licking and sucking. She misses those steaks and burgers that whenever she’s faced with a massive boner, she turns into a beast and gagging rough while deepthroating no longer bothered her. If all vegetarian babes are this good in giving head, I’d urge all your bitches to do the same. I mean, come on, just look at Isabel Lucas go and please this lucky bastard. She practically loses her head from too much pumping and her eyes would pop out any minute due to the rough thrusts but she can take it so good. It takes practice, yes, so better slap those sluts’ asses and demand them to work hard on your hard on. It’s the only meat they can feast on without ruining their diets after all. Oh, and never forget that this is all protein-rich too. Something these cocksucking skanks will definitely consider.

Isabel Lucas: Seductive Eco Warrior

July 15th, 2010

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The  gorgeous and very talented Australian actress Isabel Lucas had her big breakthrough in the popular Aussie soap opera Home and Away and since then she’s been involved in several projects including Steven Spielberg’s The Pacific, The Waiting City and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Isabel’s film career is not the only thing keeping her busy nowadays. Isabel was part of a group of thirty people from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which includes Heroes  actress Hayden Panettiere, who took part in a protest against whaling in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan.The environment activists paddled out on surfboards to the whales to attempt to stop the hunt, but they were forced to turn around after being intercepted by one of the fishing boats. The group drove straight to Osaka airport and left the country to avoid being arrested for trespassing by the Japanese police. There is still an outstanding arrest warrant for Isabel in Japan. Many Japanese still consider this kind of act as an affront to their culture.  In an interview, Isabel stated that this was for purely economic reasons claiming polls show that 70 percent of Japanese oppose whaling.

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So, what’s next for this sexy eco warrior? She recently climbed peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Isabel  made her climb alongside other celebrities like Jessica Biel, Santigold and  Emile Hirsch. MTV recently covered the group’s ascent to the 19,341-foot-tall peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Isabel is a vegetarian. If you want to see more Isabel Lucas naked photos, just click on the link.